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Melbourne’s No 1 Car Wash Center

Corner Car Wash provides the best car care in Melbourne.

We know what your car needs and we make sure that we satisfy all requirements. One of the most fundamental services that are provided for a car is a car wash. At Corner Car Wash you are guaranteed to get the best car wash in Melbourne.

We take care of every aspect involved in car wash to make sure that your car is cleaned in the best possible way. Our team of professionals uses the best products, equipment and technique to give you the most affordable car wash.

Specialist in Car wash in Melbourne

The car wash experts at Corner Car Wash make sure that every inch and corner of your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly. Here’s how they get it done

Body & Paint: We begin by removing the dust, dirt and grime that is etched on your car, especially the bugs. We do this to make sure that there are no organic or acidic elements on your car’s body that could harm the paint. After that the body cleaned with water and shampoo. We use pH neutral shampoo as it does not have any acidic to alkaline based ingredient in to that could harm the body of the car

Wheels & Tyres: The next areas that we target are your car’s wheels, arches and mud flaps. We removed as the dirt and dust that are stuck on them. We also take special care of your tyres. We make sure that all the dirt and other foreign particles that are found in between the treads are removed properly. After all this we apply some gloss on the wheel and tyres to give them some extra shine

Glass & Mirrors: We give extra attention to the glasses and mirrors on your car. Whether it be the front and rear wind shields or the side view mirrors; we make sure that they are cleaned properly and in a way that your view of the road is never compromised. If your car has a sunroof, then do not worry; our experts have got that covered as well.

FinishingTouch: After all the major cleaning operations are completed we give your car the final finishing touch. We dry off your car’s body with a chamois towel to prevent water marks. Then we air dry the panel joints and the trim. Lastly the paintwork is checked along with the mirrors and windshields.

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If you are looking to get the best car wash in Melbourne then come on over to Corner Car Wash. We promise to offer you quality but affordable car wash. You can call us at 0433 483 436 to fix an appointment with our experts.

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At Corner Car Wash you are guaranteed to get the best car wash in Melbourne.

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Car Wash Packages

At Corner Car Wash you are guaranteed to get the best car wash in Melbourne.

Wash Wax & Dry

Hand Wash, Rims, Dry, Wax

Wash Wax & Dry

Sedan: $20

Wagon: $25

SUV: $30

Top Wash

Hand Wash, Rims, Dry, Wax, Tyre Shine

Top Wash

Sedan: $25

Wagon: $30

SUV: $35

Wash & Polish

Top Wash & Hand Polish

Wash & Polish

Sedan: $55

Wagon: $55

SUV: $60

Clay Bar Wash & Polish

Clay Bar Wash & Polish

Sedan: $80

Wagon: $90

SUV: $100

Note: Prices may vary, quoted after car inspection.

We Provide You High Quality Work That Meets Your Expectations.

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